At ST Haulers we aim to pursue impeccable standards of integrity and is committed to providing the highest possible levels of service to its clients through management’s many years of experience in the transportation field. In its bid to maintain a comprehensive, yet specialized service, the company is continually updating and expanding its products, offering clients access to the most advanced methods in the field of cargo movement.

Management and staff remain committed to achieving these goals and providing customers with the services that are best suited to their individual requirements

We ST Haulers understand that once we start delivering on your company’s behalf, we become part of your company. With this in mind, our staff will always uphold professional standards. We have individuals that strive for excellence due to the well rewarded incentives that are offered. We also realize that our turnover is directly proportional to your company’s sales. Keeping this in mind, we will always strive to deliver your product with all the necessary care and within a reasonable time schedule.

According to research done, the rates that we offer are competitive, whilst we try to provide a service that is far above average standards. We have minimal damages to cargo, due to the strict handling methods used by the employees of ST Haulers.